Partners Empowered Consulting Ltd.

What do we do? Daman and Margaret offer virtual boutique resume writing services and other career related support mechanisms - including but not limited to cover letters, job application writing, interview preparation, draft emails, optimizing social media, and networking, thank you and follow up letters - to support on the job applications and processes to help you get the career you want.

"Empowering all Canadians - including women, Indigenous people, and people of colour - to build a satisfying career, with our passion for creating the best products so they can achieve their greatest professional potential." 

The COVID-19 pandemic had led to a historic disruption in the job market, bringing renewed attention to the availability and access of services to support Canadians in their career choices. 

Using an existing resume review, prospective job description, personal branding questionnaire, and an interview process, Daman or Margaret will work with you one on one to craft a resume tailored to your career objectives, experience, credentials, and accomplishments. After the writing process is complete on your resume and cover letter, you can access their writing expertise even further through your prospective job applications. This is an add-on service to resume and cover letter writing, or it can be purchased as an a la carte service if you are looking to get a job, move in your career and/or make a significant career change. 

We will provide updates on the progress of their resumes and will ask additional questions and request more information on follow-up calls if needed. Each service will include two rounds of edits.

"Invest in yourself and your career by reaching out to Daman and Margaret. See the potential they create for you through their suite of services, and start working where you want and deserve to be." - Scott, PEC Client 

What's in a name? Partners Empowered Consulting Ltd. evolved through Daman and Margaret partnering together to create a consulting firm that is client focused and driven by the empowerment of those they are serving. It signifies the strength of relationships and supporting clients to achieve their full career or business potentials. Daman and Margaret are so motivated by this perspective, and cannot wait to partner with and work for you with their fine tuned ability to write and focus on your needs.

Did You Know? Recruiters glance briefly at your resume when they receive it?  5-7 seconds is the time that they spend reviewing what you have presented them with.